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We are offering high quality Brass Electrical Parts and Brass Electronic Components.

Brass Inserts, Brass Fasteners, PCB Brass Terminals, Brass Nozzles, Brass Wood Screws, and other high-quality brass products are available, all of which are created employing cutting-edge technologies.

About Us

Since 1979, the Bharti Enterprise has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality brass components, brass ceramic cartridges, brass inserts, brass nozzles, and PCB brass terminals. As a primary manufacturer and exporter, we have made significant efforts to ensure that our products are the highest possible quality. As a result, we have established a strong position in the industry due to our deep understanding of the subject, diligent effort, and clear-sighted attitude. We seek new chances and use cutting-edge technology to create an excellent selection of Brass Precision Turned Components that are ideal, including dimension, design, toughness, simplicity of installation, and lifespan. In addition, all of our products, such as fasteners and industrial components, are well-designed and cost-effective.

The offered Brass Components are composed of high-quality raw materials such as Brass, ensuring long-term durability. These are also flawless in quality, form, and size and were created utilising cutting-edge technology. Brass Components are known for their corrosion resistance, excellent polish, dust-free nature and high tensile strength. Because of these characteristics, our components are widely used in various sectors, including electrical, construction, electronics, automobiles, sanitation, and other industrial applications. The offered products are heavily exported to the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia, and other European countries.

We are a forward-thinking and fast-growing firm. Thus we are constantly improving our production technique and improving the quality of our Brass Components. We also stay up with changing technical developments, industry standards, and customer application requirements. It allows us to keep in front of the competition and provide excellent service to our customers.

Our Products

Bharti Enterprise, as a reputable manufacturer and supplier, offers the following products:

  • Brass Threaded Inserts
  • Brass Terminals & Connectors
  • Brass Pin & Sockets
  • Brass Fasteners
  • Brass Switch Parts
  • Brass Fittings and Sanitary Parts
  • Brass Battery Terminals
  • Brass Sheet Metal Components
  • Machined Brass Components
  • Brass CNC Turned Parts
  • Brass Core Vents
  • Aluminium Components

Our Goal Is Customer Satisfaction

We try to attain complete client satisfaction by providing high-quality items at a reasonable price, delivered on time. We ensure that the items we offer, such as Brass Components, Brass Straight Knurling Inserts, Brass Switch Contacts, Pneumatic Couplings & Nipples, are developed and made according to the specifications provided by our customers. Their needs in terms of cost, timeliness, and quality are also considered during the production process. As a result, we produce and offer the finest with our client-centric work. Also, we achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance refers to the product quality that boosts sales and improves the overall image of the company. In light of this, we place a premium on the quality of our Brass Switch Contacts, Brass Components, Pneumatic Couplings & Nipples and Brass Straight Knurling Inserts, among other products. We use VMS and FIS systems to improve our quality and ensure defect-free merchandise at the end of our customers. Every product we make represents our meticulous design effort, high-performance nature, and long-lasting durability. To assure such qualities in our collection, we employ A-grade raw materials such as Brass that have been rigorously verified for fineness. Consequently, the products we offer are of the highest quality and function consistently in real-world situations.

Our Infrastructure

We have a solid infrastructure that has allowed us to become a technologically advanced manufacturer of Brass Components. We have various semi-automatic and automated equipment that can do numerous tasks at once, allowing us to provide affordable costs to our clients. Brass switch contacts, pneumatic couplings and nipples, straight knurling inserts, and other brass goods are available. We have efficient manufacturing units that are outfitted with industry-leading, cutting-edge, and core technology. Our workers also provide extensive manufacturing work that assures both quality and cost-effectiveness. We hold seminars and training regularly to keep our personnel up to date on new and emerging technology and standards.

The Members of our team are:

  • Engineers
  • Tech-support Executives
  • R&D Experts
  • Quality Inspectors
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